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> Thank you for answering my question, Z,but could you answer me two more
> questions if you don't mind?
> 1. In your timeline, you wrote "The Settlement Nations Congress is
> overthrown by the Illuminati." in U.C. 0225, how do you know that? do you
> get that from the PS2's G-Saviour game?

This is one of those items that came out of discussion here on the list, this
between Chris Meier and Mark Simmons back in December 2000:


I may have also melded in some material from the PlayStation 2 Guidebook Special
G-Saviour (2000.10.15, Keibunsha, ISBN4-7669-3642-6) that I cited in my Gundam
Book Report in November 2000:


Such entries are usually a composite of multiple sources, each of which confirm
the others.

> 2. Do you have the two volumes of the Victory Gundam installments of the
> Dengeki Entertainment Bible series? lf so, does the timeline in these two
> volumes cover the Silhouette Formula 91?Is this part the same as you and
> Mark Simmons' timeline(which obviously refers to the story of the comic), or
> the same as GUNDAM.COM's timeline which only mention the RXF91 encounters
> the Crossbone Vanguard's Dark Tiger force During test operations in the
> Zebra Zone in U.C. 0123.02( instead of U.C. 0123.02.18 and obviously refers
> to the story in the model kit manuals)?

Most of my Gundam books have been in storage since I moved down to Portland OR
from Kirkland WA a year ago. The only reference books that I have readily at
hand are those that I've received since then, although admittedly they stack up
nearly a meter high. I do not, therefore, have access to my EB collection just

I do, however, have a copy of Dengeki Comics Data Collection 12: Mobile Suit V
Gundam, but the timeline in that volume starts at UC 0140 with the reappearance
of colonyism and rise of Maria Pia Ammonia -- no help there.

That being said, I most probably echoed Mark's timeline on this part of my
timeline, since it's the same information with no embellishment, as there would
be in one of my composite entries.


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