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> A time travel mecha show would be neat. I don't know why some here seem
> think introducing aliens to Gundam is akin to a sin, as one, aliens are
> of human culture for thousands of years, even if they may or may not be
> total fiction and second, the aliens could be introduced in such a way
> it takes human interaction to even begin to understand them. Maybe only
> NewTypes would be evolved enough to understand these aliens? The word
> means:

I think the reason why some of the fans here think that introducing aliens
to Gundam is a no-no is because the whole plot of Gundam revolves around
politics. two ideas conflicting. now introducing aliens would deviate from
that main plot and it would go into the grounds of other mecha shows, one of
which is Macross. and with that some people feel that it would strip the
essence of Gundam because it would be stepping on the territory of another
extremely popular mecha show.

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