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> l want to know which books do you reference when you comply your timeline in
> your "U.C. Master Timeline" . Thanks in advance

Once upon a time, I had a timeline that I'd compiled over the years from several
fan sources, most notably Mark Schumann's Gundam Timeline and the English
language timeline that appeared in MS Era. That, unfortunately, proved to be
rife with fannish invention and I discarded it in favor of the same Shindosha
timeline that appears on Mark Simmons' Gundam Project web site. I fortify this
with four different additions:

1. Actual events from history that are relevant to Gundam, usually having to do
with the development of space exploration. These are compiled from a number of
factual sources. I also include recurring real world events, such as the
Olympiads (which represent Leap Years) and the return of Halley's Comet.

2. The pre-UC timeline entries previously published by authoritative Japanese
sources. These include the Entertainment Bible series from the late 80s and
early 90s, which make reference to the establishment of the Federation (1999),
the beginning of the space colonization project (2000), the establishment of the
Earth Federation military (2009) and the launch of the Jupiter Energy Fleet
(2026). These events and dates are no longer cited in the Shindosha timeline,
which begins with UC 0001, but were in a number of references published during
the first decade after First Gundam.

3. Events cited in the various anime and manga. If I hear Emma Sheen tell
Katsu that she saw Amuro Ray in Colorado two years earlier, I'm inclined to add
an entry such as "UC 0085 - Emma Sheen sees Amuro Ray at his home in Colorado"
based on the fact that she told Katsu this in UC 0087. There are also events
that have been brought to light through discussion on this list, but are not
part of any official chronology.

This is a form of

4. Backformation. When you know someone's age in a given year, you can
backform their approximate birth year. Character's ages aren't always given
and, on occasion, aren't given consistently. It's iffy, but it helps flesh
things out by allowing you to plot the ages of characters from different shows
against one another.

Mark Simmons' timeline hews to the undisputed fact. It's purpose is to present
the official and authoritative history of the Gundam world.

My timeline is a less accurate but, I think, more useful and informative. I
created for a different purpose than Mark. My goal was create a framework from
which writers could plot stories against established continuity. It's a tool
that I created for my own use and only much later decided to share with the rest
of the world.

If you view the source code for my Timeline page, you'll find several entries
that are commented out so that they don't display in the browser but are still
available for reference. These relate to characters and events from a side
story that I've been working on for some time, but are not part of the Gundam
continuity and are thus kept out of sight lest they confuse the issue.

Additions or corrections to my Gundam timeline are always welcome. It's an
evolving entity and has already been amended several times in just the last


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