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Wed, 07 Feb 2001 12:51:33 -0500

> If you're in UMass, Bos, then you don't want to go to Chinatown. You'll get
> ripped off.

Nope, umass Amherst, but I'm talking about going to NYC anyway. Can get
MSiA's for $10 there.

-scott   \\

>> From: Scott DiBerardino >> >>> how old are you guys? just wondering. some of you seem >>> to be older, wiser, and experienced. And some of you >>> (esp. Richie Ramos) seem to be so well off that you >>> own almost every Gundam kits ever made. >> >> If I get the chance >> I'll head down to Chinatown with my next paycheck and get me some MS in >> Action though! All in all, I'd rather get more books (I have many Gundam >> tomes, especially older ones.)

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