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Wed, 7 Feb 2001 08:20:01 -0800 (PST)

i had the core fighter thing floating around for a
while, though let's face it, it's as likely to happen
as the fact that the Gp03 has a core fighter. i never
thought the corefighters would be PG though. MG is
already excellent, though PG would be GREAT! i don't
think the PG CF would sell for so much (1500 yen!!
that's more than a HGUC!!!) i also thought it would be
neat if Bandai decided to make a weapons set for its
groundtype gundams too. it would include two of each :
B rifle, rifle, big rifle, missile launcher,
bazooka....etc... plus three or four weapon boxes, and
three or four parachute packs, as well as the
parachute packs seen in the opening of 08th MS team.
this would sell for 3000 yen....

coreboosters!! hell yeah!!!
--- dave reimer <> wrote:
> ive had some ideas for models for a while
> and was wondering if anyone out there had the
> same or similar ideas...:
> 1) MG mobile armor (dont really care which one,
> but not too big of ones)
> 2) MG Guncannon
> 3) a PG rx-78-2 core fighter. just think about it..
> i mean, with the PG gundam, you get all those
> name plates for the cf, why not market a PG
> core fighter that you can interchange with the
> cf from the PG gundam? it would be neat, you
> could make a custom color scheme without ruin-
> -ing your cf from your PG gundam! it could sell
> for like 1500 yen or something
> 4) a PG addon set for #3 (listed above) that would
> be the core-booster thing... or it could just
> be the
> whole core booster, cf and all...
> 5) MG GP-04 <--- this would comeplete the GP
> series of kits.
> 6) MG kits of some of the other variable MSs from
> Zeta Gundam
> i think a PG set of various core fighters would be
> awesome... like the CFs from the rx-78, gp01, -01fb
> and like one more, its be awesome! (a set of 5)
> -dave, webmaster, The Gundam Junkyard
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