Joaquin Torres (
Wed, 07 Feb 2001 09:23:24 -0500

Amen! Farscape is by far one of the best sci-fi shows to have come out in
recent years. I think not seeing the show from the beginning may be why some
people don't like it as much, as you don't get to see how the characters
develop. Yes...there is ACTUAL character development on this show...they all
grow and evolve and reveal more info about themselves as the series goes on.

Can't wait for season three to start!

Joaquin Torres

Federico Makabenta wrote:

> Haha. :) I love Farscape, its by far the best sci-fi show I've seen - even
> better for me than ST:TNG. I love the characterization and the plots they
> come up with. The pop-culture references are damn funny... ("Boy, was
> Spielberg ever wrong... Close encounters my @$$...")

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