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At 13:49 02/07/2001 +0100, Dr. Core wrote:
>Excaliburs? That's the dude with 2 big beam cannons? Sure thing, you want
>them tan or light grey?

        Yup. Can you get me three? =) Tan if possible, but just pick a
colour if otherwise -- I'm likely to repaint them anyway. Contact me
off-list to tie down the details?

>Sounds like you know what they are... How much were they when they came
>out in '94?

        Well.. I saw them, but never picked them up. I think it's roughly
USD5, but it's been a few years, and my memory's starting to go.. =)

>And do you or anyone has spare Gladiators? (the dude with fists
>instead of guns/missile pods, it's very confusing, I think they are called
>Spartan in Macrosspeak?)

        Yup. Those are Gladiators in Robotech, but Spartans in Macross. To
confuse things further, those guys with missile drums for arms are known as
Spartans in Robotech, and IIRC as Phalanx in Macross.

        Sorry to say, but I don't have a Robotech Gladiator from that line.
I do have an Arii 1/100 Macross Spartan though, and maybe -- I hope -- I can
get a few more next week or so, cheap. =) Though I seemed to have misplaced
the instruction sheet....

        Anyway, are you interested in the Arii 1/100 Gladiators? If I can
get them from my hobby store, I can pass you one.

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