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Wed, 07 Feb 2001 04:13:14 -0800

Federico Makabenta wrote:

> I think something along the lines of the PSX game Xenogears would be amazing
> for a TV show.

Funny you should mention that game as I just brought the same thing up on
another mailing list I'm on...
NGE has proven that big robots and goofy religious ideas can work in a TV
series. And while detractors gripe about the system, or the lack of control
during parts of the game, NO ONE complains about the storyline.
The only problem, I think, would be convincing someone to put the whole thing
together. More and more anime TV shows these days are turning up as 13 episode
runs, and I think Xenogears would require a Gundam length storyline in order to
do properly, considering the length and depth of the story.
Still, if someone could pull it off, it would probably be a very good, and very
original show (aside from the fact that the storyline originated elsewhere).
And it would be cool to see the parts of the story that got cut from the final


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