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Zhao Pan wrote:

> Sorry, not a big fan. In fact, I found the acting in Andromeda to be quite
> awful. God! What was the producer thinking when he chose to put Kevin Sorbo
> in the leading role of Sci-Fi TV series?! On the other hand, Earth Final
> conflict is fairly entertaining and captivating.

I saw most of the first season of Earth Final Conflict (in a somewhat random
order) and enjoyed it a lot. I've caught a few episodes since then, and the
only thing I can say is something is missing, although I don't know exactly
what. The episodes just don't seem to pull me in like they did during the first

> >It would be nice to have a show with the quality of Babylon 5. But with
> >giant robots. I would love to see a well done, live action, American and/or
> >Japanese robot show. Battletech would work well as a live action show,
> >especially with today's SFX. I would like to see what some creativite
> >American's could add to the mecha genre. I love Japanese mecha, but it
> >seems there's only Gundam or Gundam clones, but nothing original that adds
> >to or puts a spin on, the mecha genre.
> >
> Have anyone seen the into movie of the Mech Warrior 4 game? That's some good
> stuff!
> >For the Barrel will hopefully change this, though. There is a Zone of the
> >Enders anime coming out, based on the upcoming PS2 game of the same name
> >but other then unique humanoid mecha designs, based on what little is known
> >of this game, it could basically be about defending an Colony, Gundam's
> >basically done the Colony aspect to death, at least in Japan.
> >
> >To wrap this up, What does everyone think the mecha genre needs to freshen
> >it up? Some new technology ideas would be nice. A space explorer show with
> >mecha would be nice, a show based on an water type planet with no land
> >would work, as underwater mecha designs are few, as far as I know.
> >

While Jovian Chronicles (RPG from DP9) has a lot of similarities with Gundam, I
think there are enough differences just in the solar system to warrent a good
luck at the setting. Some of the environments, Mars in particular, even have
the exos (mecha) take a back seat to tanks and powered infantry (in fact, one of
the Martian nations has its best units performing air cavalry tactics using
hovertanks and powersuits). You won't find any aliens there, but it is
definitely a different place.
And as for a water type planet...
Anyone happen to know if the ice on Europa goes all the way down? That could
make for an interesting story, with underwater vehicles dueling it out, and
trying to get to their evac point before the hole to the surface refreezes.
Realistic? Probably not, but that's never stopped a good mecha show.


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