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>Sorry for the OT, but has anyone seen this excellent Sci-Fi >series? I
liked ST: Next Generation, but I don't like the other >ST's at all.

I'm an Classic Star Trek fan at heart. ST:TNG comes second to me, while DS9
later episodes a lot. Haven't seen Voyager yet.

> I am not sure about Earth Final Conflict, as I haven't seen too >many
episodes of it and the one's I did see, where in the middle >of the season.

I liked the 1st season with the original hero. 2nd Season past + Liam
Kincaid wore thin on me - plus I didn't like the story turn with the other
alien race (forgot their names) that split off from the Talons.

Haven't seen Andromeda yet.

>I just can't get into Farscape and the rest of the Sci-Fi channels new

Haha. :) I love Farscape, its by far the best sci-fi show I've seen - even
better for me than ST:TNG. I love the characterization and the plots they
come up with. The pop-culture references are damn funny... ("Boy, was
Spielberg ever wrong... Close encounters my @$$...")


>Battletech would work well as a live action show, especially >with today's

Battletech works well as a universe or as a setting per se. With lots of
stories. I just don't know how people who don't know much about the Btech
saga would relate to its complex world of politics and intrigue. You have to
lay heavy groundwork to understand the heroism involved. I think that of all
the stories - the best introduction would be the story of Kai Allard Liao
and Phelan Kell as a starting point of a show.

>I would like to see what some creativite American's could add >to the mecha
genre. I love Japanese mecha, but it seems there's >only Gundam or Gundam
clones, but nothing original that adds >to or puts a spin on, the mecha

I think the last few years have shown how much can be spun on the genre.
Escaflowne, Evangelion, Gasaraki, Giant Robo and Nadesico have shown people
how you can put a new twist to things and come out fresh. I heard the Sakura
Taisen TV series is doing this as well.

>To wrap this up, What does everyone think the mecha genre >needs to freshen
it up?

Not much really - I think that the genre would exist and continue to thrive
just so long as people buy toys or model kits of robots. Its just that our
kind of mecha shows don't appeal to kids in Japan anymore. A generation of
kids in Japan grow up buying toys of the Takara Brave series or some
Tokusatsu show more than shows we like. The last show that was capable of
capturing mainstream conciousness was EVA.

>Some new technology ideas would be nice. A space explorer >show with mecha
would be nice,

Like Star Trek I guess? There have been shows with people on ships before.
Its just that I wouldn't want to watch a show without a lot of mecha
fighting... So it'll more likely end up in a setting with a grand war...

>a show based on an water type planet with no land would work, as underwater
mecha designs are few, as far as I know.

Yeah, but fantasy overall has been done a lot already... I personally would
like to see something much like the violent world of the Sub-Mariner in that
kind of setting. Just don't make it too much like Votoms in tone.

I think something along the lines of the PSX game Xenogears would be amazing
for a TV show.


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