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> gundam + aliens would be taking up where the original
> macross series left off (let's ignore macross 7 just
> this once, please).
> i personally like the very human-centered nature of
> gundam. yes, the logical step, with all the
> technogizmos in late UC is probably space exploration
> and moving beyond the local solar system but it's
> kinda like moving beyond gundam's center of gravity.

how about Mars? I mean, there are realistic plans to colonize Mars. maybe
we can have UC 0200 and have Mars as a setting?

> now ya know why shoji kawamori wanted to end macross
> then and there, with no sequels. :P

enter the alternate universe Gundams. I think G Gundam is the best there
because the story is somewhat original for a mecha series

> ah, well, to each his own. aliens don't really fit
> our concept of gundam. our local groupie is currently
> developing a non-official gundam rpg of our designs
> based on richie's fanfics, and uberestranged human
> civilizations such that they're entirely another race
> (like nadesico) are about as far as we're willing to
> go with aliens in a gundam-esque world. anything more
> shouldn't be called "gundam", i suppose. (though by
> virtue of being a fan project, it shouldn't be called
> gundam in the first place, hehe :P)
> the problem with "alien" aliens is that the 'humans in
> funny costumes' -- all of star trek, macross, yamato,
> countless super robo flicks. they're all so human
> underneath, with motivations and failings just like
> human beings (though that COULD be the point they're
> driving at...and could make for interesting points
> regarding human drama...and politically correct
> potshots, for the mischievously inclined producers...)

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