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Roddenberry's Andromeda

> Sorry, not a big fan. In fact, I found the acting in Andromeda to be quite
> awful. God! What was the producer thinking when he chose to put Kevin
> in the leading role of Sci-Fi TV series?! On the other hand, Earth Final
> conflict is fairly entertaining and captivating.

I think Kevin Sorbo is a good actor. To each his own, I guess. I never said
I disliked Earth Final Conflict, as it seems to be a very neat and somewhat
original concept. I just didn't catch it at the very first episode. Really
want to see it right from the start, though. I caught it in the middle of
the first season reruns and only watched maybe 3 episodes, for the reason of
waiting for the beginning. I basically said earlier that I haven't seen
enough of it to see if I like like or not. I am not mad at you at all, just
wasn't sure if I could be understood earlier! :)

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