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2.6.01: Practically Perfect In Every Way

Looks like Bandai has pushed back the release date of Gundam FIX #0002 :
Perfect Gundam to April. Like the previous Full Armor Gundam released on
January 25th, the Perfect Gundam will feature removable armor, incredible
detailing and ABS plastic + PVC composition. The price will be 2980 yen.
What's neat about this one is that the base toy will be a standard colored
Katoki version Gundam....

[Note: Terry also tells us that FIX #0003 and #0004 will be a Gundam Blue
Destiny and Sentinal Gundam, respectively.]

Woot! Two questions though ... which Blue Destiny? Personally I want the
blue GM ... call me a GM-head, but I juts love the buggers. But honestly,
any of the 3 would make me most happy. As for the other ... there is no
"Sentinel Gundam", is there? He either means the S Gundam (which would be
interesting, considering all the neat things hanging off it, but not my
first choice) or ... please oh please oh please ... a Zetaplus. Trying to
reach back into my memory in what was in the FIX book ... I don't seem to
remember the Superior, but the Zetaplus was there so maybe ... just maybe...

Blue Destiny? Woohoo!

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