Richie Ramos (
Wed, 7 Feb 2001 13:27:10 +0800

> I hope some adventurous movie makers would remake the "planet of Apes"
> series with modern CG and all kinds of special effects. Boy, no matter how
> many times i watch the original movies, I got suck right in!

Uhm, there is a current project out to remake it. I think the link is

> That's a good idea! How about add these to it:
> By UC 300, endless colony drops finally kill earth for good. The remaining
> remnants of the Feds decided to explore the galaxy (and find a place to
> settle) with their only remaining space ship (or mobile colony). To make
> things difficult, the Zeons decided to exterminate the remaining Fed
> Once again, a group of inexperienced teenager takes on the overwhelming
> of protecting the mother-ship using the superior Gundam mobile suits...

Better yet, the gundams can combine into a larger gundam...

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