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Wed, 7 Feb 2001 13:17:37 +0800

> > Sorry for the OT, but has anyone seen this excellent
> > Sci-Fi series? I liked ST: Next Generation, but I
> > don't like the other ST's at all.
> i don't like star trek, period. :)


Yeah, I like ST, and it's because it is so amusing to see a spaceship which
has interior design that reminds me of a dentist's office...BUT! they have
good stories. the one I liked the most was the one where they met an alien
race whose concept of language was tied in to oral tradition and events.
incredible concept.

> > Gundam needs to move out of near Earth Orbit,
> > there's whole galaxies out there and Gundam is very
> > narrow minded here :)
> gundam + aliens would be taking up where the original
> macross series left off (let's ignore macross 7 just
> this once, please).

Not so much narrow-minded, but more like an aspect of technology never
developed in that world -- that for interstellar travel.

> ah, well, to each his own. aliens don't really fit
> our concept of gundam. our local groupie is currently
> developing a non-official gundam rpg of our designs
> based on richie's fanfics, and uberestranged human
> civilizations such that they're entirely another race
> (like nadesico) are about as far as we're willing to
> go with aliens in a gundam-esque world. anything more
> shouldn't be called "gundam", i suppose. (though by
> virtue of being a fan project, it shouldn't be called
> gundam in the first place, hehe :P)

Which I am still working on piece by piece. It's hard to create continuity
of that magnitude...

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