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Sorry, not a big fan. In fact, I found the acting in Andromeda to be quite
awful. God! What was the producer thinking when he chose to put Kevin Sorbo
in the leading role of Sci-Fi TV series?! On the other hand, Earth Final
conflict is fairly entertaining and captivating.

>I like Andromeda a lot. Though I found it strange that other then
>Roddenberry's works, there's very little new Sci-Fi out there. I don't like
>sit coms. Although, I did like Family Matters, Full House, Fresh Prince,
>etc. I wish there was more Sci-Fi on TV. I just can't get into Farscape and
>the rest of the Sci-Fi channels new shows.

How about Futurama! What a kick-ass show! The creator of simpson have
out-done itself by giving us this wonderful and hilarious sci-fi comedy.

>It would be nice to have a show with the quality of Babylon 5. But with
>giant robots. I would love to see a well done, live action, American and/or
>Japanese robot show. Battletech would work well as a live action show,
>especially with today's SFX. I would like to see what some creativite
>American's could add to the mecha genre. I love Japanese mecha, but it
>seems there's only Gundam or Gundam clones, but nothing original that adds
>to or puts a spin on, the mecha genre.

Have anyone seen the into movie of the Mech Warrior 4 game? That's some good

>For the Barrel will hopefully change this, though. There is a Zone of the
>Enders anime coming out, based on the upcoming PS2 game of the same name
>but other then unique humanoid mecha designs, based on what little is known
>of this game, it could basically be about defending an Colony, Gundam's
>basically done the Colony aspect to death, at least in Japan.
>To wrap this up, What does everyone think the mecha genre needs to freshen
>it up? Some new technology ideas would be nice. A space explorer show with
>mecha would be nice, a show based on an water type planet with no land
>would work, as underwater mecha designs are few, as far as I know.

I hope some adventurous movie makers would remake the "planet of Apes"
series with modern CG and all kinds of special effects. Boy, no matter how
many times i watch the original movies, I got suck right in!

> Gundam needs to move out of near Earth Orbit, there's whole galaxies out
>there and Gundam is very narrow minded here :) As how many times can the
>same basic story be told, ya know? I don't remember who it was or if that
>person is still here, but someone had this idea for a new Gundam show:
>Have a colony adapted for Space travel and have it explore space, with
>Mobile Suits to guard it.
> I'll add to this a bit. These Mobile Suits could be a set highly
>advanced Mobile Suits and since a Gundam represents a state of the art
>Mobile Suit, these guard units would naturally be Gundams. To space things
>up, one could be the Feds. or what ever, one could be the Zeon's or what
>ever and the third, made up of ex Feds. and ex Zeon's with MS cobbled
>together from spare Zeon and Fed. MS parts. A mecha made up of Zeon and Fed
>parts would look pretty cool, if done correctly. So, three colonies could
>take off in three different directions to explore space, then met up, have
>alliances shift and add in plot twists and if done right, this could turn
>out to a very neat show. Alien encounters would be nice as a way to further
>explore human drama.

That's a good idea! How about add these to it:
By UC 300, endless colony drops finally kill earth for good. The remaining
remnants of the Feds decided to explore the galaxy (and find a place to
settle) with their only remaining space ship (or mobile colony). To make
things difficult, the Zeons decided to exterminate the remaining Fed force.
Once again, a group of inexperienced teenager takes on the overwhelming task
of protecting the mother-ship using the superior Gundam mobile suits...
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