Richie Ramos (
Wed, 7 Feb 2001 10:02:49 +0800

> 1) MG mobile armor (dont really care which one,
> but not too big of ones)

Nice idea, but the sizes involved...those kits would be too expensive. the
smaller MA could possibly be used.

> 2) MG Guncannon

Yeah, and while they're at it, the Guntank, dammit!

> 3) a PG rx-78-2 core fighter. just think about it..
> i mean, with the PG gundam, you get all those
> name plates for the cf, why not market a PG
> core fighter that you can interchange with the
> cf from the PG gundam? it would be neat, you
> could make a custom color scheme without ruin-
> -ing your cf from your PG gundam! it could sell
> for like 1500 yen or something

interesting thought. I've no intentions of spending my own money for
anything PG though...too much for me...

> 4) a PG addon set for #3 (listed above) that would
> be the core-booster thing... or it could just be the
> whole core booster, cf and all...

THAT would be interesting. What would get me to buy a PG would be to have
the whole G-Armor thing...

> 5) MG GP-04 <--- this would comeplete the GP
> series of kits.

Hmmm. In Gerbera Tetra or original mode? I would prefer the Zeonic
version, to tell the truth...

> 6) MG kits of some of the other variable MSs from
> Zeta Gundam

yeah, but chances are, they're going to be resin add-ons. But I would
*KILL* for a Zetaplus MG.

> i think a PG set of various core fighters would be
> awesome... like the CFs from the rx-78, gp01, -01fb
> and like one more, its be awesome! (a set of 5)

yep, including the ZZ, the S-Gundam.

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