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> Sorry for the OT, but has anyone seen this excellent
> Sci-Fi series? I liked ST: Next Generation, but I
> don't like the other ST's at all.

i don't like star trek, period. :)

> Gundam needs to move out of near Earth Orbit,
> there's whole galaxies out there and Gundam is very
> narrow minded here :)

gundam + aliens would be taking up where the original
macross series left off (let's ignore macross 7 just
this once, please).

i personally like the very human-centered nature of
gundam. yes, the logical step, with all the
technogizmos in late UC is probably space exploration
and moving beyond the local solar system but it's
kinda like moving beyond gundam's center of gravity.

>As how many times can the same
> basic story be told, ya know?

now ya know why shoji kawamori wanted to end macross
then and there, with no sequels. :P

>I don't remember who
> it was or if that person is still here, but someone
> had this idea for a new Gundam show:
> Have a colony adapted for Space travel and have it
> explore space, with Mobile Suits to guard it.
> I'll add to this a bit. These Mobile Suits could
> be a set highly advanced Mobile Suits and since a
> Gundam represents a state of the art Mobile Suit,
> these guard units would naturally be Gundams. To
> space things up, one could be the Feds. or what
> ever, one could be the Zeon's or what ever and the
> third, made up of ex Feds. and ex Zeon's with MS
> cobbled together from spare Zeon and Fed. MS parts.
> A mecha made up of Zeon and Fed parts would look
> pretty cool, if done correctly. So, three colonies
> could take off in three different directions to
> explore space, then met up, have alliances shift and
> add in plot twists and if done right, this could
> turn out to a very neat show. Alien encounters would
> be nice as a way to further explore human drama.

ah, well, to each his own. aliens don't really fit
our concept of gundam. our local groupie is currently
developing a non-official gundam rpg of our designs
based on richie's fanfics, and uberestranged human
civilizations such that they're entirely another race
(like nadesico) are about as far as we're willing to
go with aliens in a gundam-esque world. anything more
shouldn't be called "gundam", i suppose. (though by
virtue of being a fan project, it shouldn't be called
gundam in the first place, hehe :P)

the problem with "alien" aliens is that the 'humans in
funny costumes' -- all of star trek, macross, yamato,
countless super robo flicks. they're all so human
underneath, with motivations and failings just like
human beings (though that COULD be the point they're
driving at...and could make for interesting points
regarding human drama...and politically correct
potshots, for the mischievously inclined producers...)

imagines south park gundam...

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