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well, if you had some type of colony ship and stuff, it'd be kinda a copy of
macross7 and its colonization ships...
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Roddenberry's Andromeda

> >Gundam needs to move out of near Earth Orbit, there's whole galaxies out
> there and Gundam is very narrow minded here :) As how many times can the
> same basic story be told, ya know? I don't remember who it was or if that
> person is still here, but someone had this idea for a new Gundam show:
> Have a colony adapted for Space travel and have it explore space, with
> Mobile Suits to guard it.
> I'll add to this a bit. These Mobile Suits could be a set highly
> Mobile Suits and since a Gundam represents a state of the art Mobile Suit,
> these guard units would naturally be Gundams. To space things up, one
> be the Feds. or what ever, one could be the Zeon's or what ever and the
> third, made up of ex Feds. and ex Zeon's with MS cobbled together from
> Zeon and Fed. MS parts. A mecha made up of Zeon and Fed parts would look
> pretty cool, if done correctly. So, three colonies could take off in three
> different directions to explore space, then met up, have alliances shift
> add in plot twists and if done right, this could turn out to a very neat
> show. Alien encounters would be nice as a way to further explore human
> drama.
> Well, that's it,
> Aaron
> Actually, Aaron, the UC timeline has The Jupiter Fleet (Crossbone Gundam),
> and then you have the Mars colonization in AC. But it's true, I think
> Terraforming projects are the next step....
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