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Sorry for the OT, but has anyone seen this excellent Sci-Fi series? I liked ST: Next Generation, but I don't like the other ST's at all. I am not sure about Earth Final Conflict, as I haven't seen too many episodes of it and the one's I did see, where in the middle of the season.

I like Andromeda a lot. Though I found it strange that other then Roddenberry's works, there's very little new Sci-Fi out there. I don't like sit coms. Although, I did like Family Matters, Full House, Fresh Prince, etc. I wish there was more Sci-Fi on TV. I just can't get into Farscape and the rest of the Sci-Fi channels new shows.

It would be nice to have a show with the quality of Babylon 5. But with giant robots. I would love to see a well done, live action, American and/or Japanese robot show. Battletech would work well as a live action show, especially with today's SFX. I would like to see what some creativite American's could add to the mecha genre. I love Japanese mecha, but it seems there's only Gundam or Gundam clones, but nothing original that adds to or puts a spin on, the mecha genre.

For the Barrel will hopefully change this, though. There is a Zone of the Enders anime coming out, based on the upcoming PS2 game of the same name but other then unique humanoid mecha designs, based on what little is known of this game, it could basically be about defending an Colony, Gundam's basically done the Colony aspect to death, at least in Japan.

To wrap this up, What does everyone think the mecha genre needs to freshen it up? Some new technology ideas would be nice. A space explorer show with mecha would be nice, a show based on an water type planet with no land would work, as underwater mecha designs are few, as far as I know.

 Gundam needs to move out of near Earth Orbit, there's whole galaxies out there and Gundam is very narrow minded here :) As how many times can the same basic story be told, ya know? I don't remember who it was or if that person is still here, but someone had this idea for a new Gundam show:

Have a colony adapted for Space travel and have it explore space, with Mobile Suits to guard it.

  I'll add to this a bit. These Mobile Suits could be a set highly advanced Mobile Suits and since a Gundam represents a state of the art Mobile Suit, these guard units would naturally be Gundams. To space things up, one could be the Feds. or what ever, one could be the Zeon's or what ever and the third, made up of ex Feds. and ex Zeon's with MS cobbled together from spare Zeon and Fed. MS parts. A mecha made up of Zeon and Fed parts would look pretty cool, if done correctly. So, three colonies could take off in three different directions to explore space, then met up, have alliances shift and add in plot twists and if done right, this could turn out to a very neat show. Alien encounters would be nice as a way to further explore human drama.

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