Gordan Gregov (zaku@nopay.it)
Tue, 06 Feb 2001 21:15:02 +0100

At 23.35 05/02/2001 , you wrote:

>I am also Italian,and French,and Yugoslavian,and Swedish,I could go on
>forever,but I won't. Does anyone on th list speak Italian?

I'm half italian and half croatian. And I speak both languages. But thi is
another topic (I guess) :-) ;-)

It's seem you're made of quarters.... since I'm made of 50% ^_^

Why don't we declare ourselves the Indipendent Duchedom of Italy, and
battle the GMLers Federation with our wacky Spaghetti Zaku???
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA........ Ops.... sorry.


Are you from Rome, right? I live in Milan instead.

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