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A guy from Bandai of America posted this on the Gundam.com boards and I
told him I'd post it for him here as well. Check it out.

Originally posted by tvadmaker:
Topic: Attn: Model Builders

Please excuse my protocol as this is my very first post here.

Bandai America is currently searching for unique individuals willing to
talk to them about Gundam models and the special culture within. For
more detailed information regarding this unusual opportunity, please
reply to me directly. Thanks.

Jerry Grant

Hoping it was legit this is what I got when I e-mailed him.


Thanks for the response. Here's the info...

As I am sure you are aware, Bandai America will be “officially”
introducing Gundam Models to the American market later this year. As
part of it’s marketing campaign, Bandai is searching for unique
individuals to talk openly about their experiences with the models and
the overall culture.

Selected individuals could possibly end up in one of several Gundam
Action Figure Model Kit television commercials to air in the fall.

The process is simple. If you are interested, J. Walter Thompson/LA,
(Bandai’s Advertising Agency) will send you a questionnaire via e-mail.
All they ask is that you answer these questions truthfully and
candidly...they are looking for the most dedicated, fanatical and
creative people within the Gundam world.

>From there, chosen individuals will be contacted and asked to provide
simple photographs of themselves, their models and their home
environments. We will be happy to supply assistance if necessary.

Finalists will be interviewed and photographed in their personal
surroundings and could end up in an American TV commercial. Needless to
say, they will also be paid.

This opportunity is available to Gundam model builders from anywhere in
the world.

So what do you have to do now? Just send me back an e-mail telling me
you want the questionnaire sent to you. It will be a couple of days.


Jerry Grant
Producer – J.Walter Thompson/LA

How cool is that?
Don't know about you but I'm gonna try for it.
Just thought I'd let you guys know about it too if you don't frequent
any other boards.

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