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> > (attachment deleted: TIAZINHA.JPG.pif)
> >
> > Why are you sending a virus to the GML?
> As with most of this crap someone probably GOT the virus in
> email and at some point the user added the GML to his/her
> addressbook, and when they got infected, the virus sent itself
> to everyone in their address book.

TIAZINHA.JPG.pif is a container for the "Matrix" (W95.MTX.dr) virus, which was
an issue on this list just last month.


Last time, we got the 8th listed attachment name (Geocities_free_sites.txt.pif)
and this time we got the 6th, so I guess we're moving up in the world.

This e-mail originated from yalim@mbox3.singnet.com.sg, a member of the GML who
may not yet know what's happening -- those who've been infected are, almost by
definitions, the last ones to find out about it.

Singnet.com.sg is IP address, located in Singapore (1.300N,
103.860E) and belonging to the Singapore Telecommunications Pte Ltd and operated

   SINGAPORE 118253

I'm taking the liberty of sending a CC of this message directly to the
originator in hopes of resolving this as quickly as possible. To the originator
I say:

Please do NOT reply to this message, as the reply will only send another copy of
the infectious attachment to both the GML and myself, to no good end. Instead,
follow the hyperlink above to the message I posted in January, where you'll find
instructions for identifying and repairing or removing the infected components
of your system.

In cases like this, we really shouldn't blame the messenger....


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