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You're right. In fact, listening to them they appeared to me more and more
familiar, but there is to say that I liked so much the other opening/ending
songs and I would have liked to find them in it (but "Arashi no naka de
kagayaite", sung with the execution of musics by Czech Philarmomnic
Orchestra would have been (seemed) strange; but it isn't so for Eledore's
song, that we can listen in episode 6 during the episode itself and as
ending song of episode 11). BTW I liked it. (the one accompanying the battle
against Norris in particular way).

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> > I have bought a CD with the symphony album of "Mobile Suit Gundam - the
> What you have is Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team: Recorded In Plaha
> King KICA-386), a "symphonc suite" composed by Kohei Tanaka and performed
> members of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra in Plaha, Czech Republic
> Czechoslovakia).
> The two songs, "Namae no nai Miraizu" (Nameless Future Drawing) and "Open
> Eyes" are original "image songs" performed by Chihiro Yonekura, who also
did the
> OP and ED songs for both 08th MS Team and Miller's Report. Insofar as I
> they have not appeared anywhere else.
> The OP/ED for 08th MS Team are "Shine In The Midst Of The Storm" and "10
> After" and the OP/ED for Miller's Report are "Eternal Door" and "When Is
> Day?" (or, simply, "When?"). In addition, the second 08th MS Team OST,
> 2, featured an image song called "Together In The Future" by Chihiro
> but I think this one was actually used in the show -- as I recall, it's
the song
> that Eledore wrote, heard on the radio in Episode 5.
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