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To add to Fed's point, Filipinos are basically trendy, they go for what's
"in" or whats "hot". during the time Wing was airing, it was a cold day in
hell when you get to see a Wing kit in any store shelf. sounds familiar?
same thing happened in the US when Wing aired. after a few reruns they
decided to rekindle the Gundam flame by airing G Gundam. and you guessed
it, all the G Gundam kits were flying off the shelves like a tornado hit

but now where have all the Gundam fans gone? you see a few kits on display
here and there, but to find people who are really die hards are rare. of
course we have a group called MechaPinoy which is a mailing list/club for
Filipino mecha lovers, most if not all of the members are Gundam die hards.
after the fad has died down it is hard for us to find shops that carry the
kits we crave for. some stopped selling them while most cut down on their
stock limiting to about two or three per kit.

my point? sad to say we are not really a "Gundam city". though being in
South East Asia has its benefits, we can get get kits cheaper than most
other countries. I heard Mobile Suit Gundam (aka First Gundam) may be shown
in the Philippines (I just hope the rumor is true) if it is then we would
see more kits coming in at lower prices, especially from those gray market

On Tue, 6 Feb 2001 12:53:35 +0800, wrote:

> I agree with Char. Outside of Japan, Hong Kong has by far the most fan
> friendly environ here in Asia at least. More or less, fans are
> there and even invite their Cantonese seiyuu of Gundam to their cons.
> Bangkok has a thriving anime scene last time I was there (around 1996). I
> found only one model/hobby shop there (didn't know where to look) that
> Gundam around that time.
> In Metro Manila, well not as fanatical. But the name "Gundam" is known
> mainly due to G Gundam's run in 1999. Gundam Wing in 1998 was the only
> show to make a television run here in the Philippines prior to G Gundam.
> Basically, people who are young or have young boys for kids (who ask for
> parents to buy toys for them) can recognize a Gundam on sight. One
> experience I had was following a University parade with one section
> to cosplayers. Only two cosplayers had instant recognition from the
crowd, a
> girl who played Miaka (Fushigi Yuugi is really popular here) and my
> who cosplayed as a GP-02. Though they didn't know what Gundam show it
> from - the white head, two head spikes and facial guard made people
> "Gundam" instantly.
> Gundam Wing is definitely known to all otakus here in the Philippines. We
> have a devoted fandom of girls here who devote websites to Heero et. al.
> Casual fans can be found collecting Wing Gundam kits here - but won't
> MGs or HGs because of higher price and lack of knowledge of any of the
> mecha. UC Gundam is mainly known by most people through Battlemaster,
> Counterattack and other PSX incarnations because of widespread piracy
> of PSX discs. Even among otakus here, I highly doubt you'll find more
than 1
> in 10 who have seen the original MSG or other UC incarnations. Even less
> those who collect model kits.
> But ultimately, it was G Gundam that made it accessible to the kids and
> put Gundam permanently on the shelves of dept. stores here in Metro
> Fed
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> > me in the direction of serios Gundam fans and what cities I should
> > look in around the world!??
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