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> > Not even Quatre had a normal childhood -- he is basically bred to be a
> > corporate head, not a normal young boy. Why do you think he's such a
> > brilliant strategist? As for the other kids...face it, these guys had
> > upbringings that can probably only be matched by kids in Kosovo or some
> > other war-torn place...
> there's these kids on TV I saw (I think CNN) and they were leaders of this
> guerilla group. I forgot where but they think the kids were sent by their
> gods thats why they made them leaders. I think their twins, around 10
> old, you can see them holding M-16 rifles and smoking cigarettes. they
> claimed they have one many victories for the group. and they are real
> kids

yeah, that's not surprising. I've read case studies on such kids, as well
as having met them...they are so old beyond their years, and the tragedy is,
they don't see it most of the time. For most of them, it's the only life
that they know how to live. whatever happy life they've experienced before
are olike dreams for them.

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