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Tue, 6 Feb 2001 12:29:41 +0800

> > > And while I'm at it, why don't I take apart your
> > "Why Gundam Wing Sucks"
> > > page. The least you could've done was put up some
> > substantial complaints:
> wow...wasn't that anti-wing rant posted a few months
> ago? know how it is with the 'net....

> > one point for wing (still a million for uc) hmm... i
> > agree w/ the wing
> > defense... and most of the kids are just emotional
> > troubled (I chose not to
> > be imaginative with this description :P) and...
> you have to remember those kids were essentially born
> and bred to commit violence. none of them had a
> normal childhood (except perhaps quatre), and for them
> to retain some driving force in their lives throughout
> the topsy turvy gundam wing politicking is something
> commendable.

Not even Quatre had a normal childhood -- he is basically bred to be a
corporate head, not a normal young boy. Why do you think he's such a
brilliant strategist? As for the other kids...face it, these guys had
upbringings that can probably only be matched by kids in Kosovo or some
other war-torn place...

> > during the EW oav wing zero
> > fell apart in the end... hmm... invincible? think
> > not... its crazy how tough
> > those kids are though (it IS fictional)
> just fictional? wrong. situations and circumstances
> in which children grow up on warfare (not just the
> street gang violence which pales in comparison to real
> war) do exist in real life. no, it's not pretty.
> gundam wing's portrayal of the 5 wingboys, just like
> UC gundam, actually hits closer to the truth than you,
> or most viewers, would like to admit despite all the
> sugary sweet bishounen superrobo alternate universe
> shenanigans of the series.
> -garr

yep. garrick, you remember my story about the kid my dad's commanding
officer had to kill? That's a damn good example of how violent kids can

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