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what i meant was one time heero broke maybe two or three bones and (some of
them leg bones) and was running faster than i ever could.. thats fictional...
not tlaking about the warfare. some governments force kids like 14 into war
(where did i see that? hmm... read it somehwere... tiny boys with heay guns
and stuff lookin all sad... that IS sad... poor kids)
> just fictional? wrong. situations and circumstances
> in which children grow up on warfare (not just the
> street gang violence which pales in comparison to real
> war) do exist in real life. no, it's not pretty.
> gundam wing's portrayal of the 5 wingboys, just like
> UC gundam, actually hits closer to the truth than you,
> or most viewers, would like to admit despite all the
> sugary sweet bishounen superrobo alternate universe

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