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> > And while I'm at it, why don't I take apart your
> "Why Gundam Wing Sucks"
> > page. The least you could've done was put up some
> substantial complaints:
> >

wow...wasn't that anti-wing rant posted a few months
> one point for wing (still a million for uc) hmm... i
> agree w/ the wing
> defense... and most of the kids are just emotional
> troubled (I chose not to
> be imaginative with this description :P) and...

you have to remember those kids were essentially born
and bred to commit violence. none of them had a
normal childhood (except perhaps quatre), and for them
to retain some driving force in their lives throughout
the topsy turvy gundam wing politicking is something

> during the EW oav wing zero
> fell apart in the end... hmm... invincible? think
> not... its crazy how tough
> those kids are though (it IS fictional)

just fictional? wrong. situations and circumstances
in which children grow up on warfare (not just the
street gang violence which pales in comparison to real
war) do exist in real life. no, it's not pretty.
gundam wing's portrayal of the 5 wingboys, just like
UC gundam, actually hits closer to the truth than you,
or most viewers, would like to admit despite all the
sugary sweet bishounen superrobo alternate universe
shenanigans of the series.


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