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Well for me, i can happily say that I'm 29 and unhappily coasting to
that mature age of 30.
My obsession with sci-fi/mecha began with Star Wars series (yes how
typical). Then a certain
fondness for Astro Boy and Showgun Warriors. What really got me going
was playing with
my Japanese neighbor, who had these toy which eventually became the
Transformers here
(a good 2 years before they got here). What solidified this mecha
obsession was when
Robotech/Macross came out in mid 80's!

Then it was all down hill form there... from a really bad Hong Kong dub
of the opening scene
of 0080 to buying the DVD's of Endless Walz to happily shelling out a
couple of hundred for
the latest Perfect Grade. I can gleefully say that presently I've been
spend at least 200-300 a
month for the last 5 years on Gundam/Anime related matter! Some times
I've spent my last 100
bux on Gundams instead of groceries! So I didn't have any food for a
couple of days. That's
when you go back to visit you parents mid-week instead of Sunday... I
think I'm obsessed!!! wrote:

> Well........ like i said.. im young, 13 and got into gundam a couple
> of years
> ago... like i think it was... when i...was...maybe 9. I went to china
> town,
> saw my first gundam (DX...) and got hooked. well... not hooked, but
> when
> gundam wing came out i thought maybe i could get a lil info somewhere
> easier.................... and so on... and... yea, ::sniff:: the
> story of my
> life... hahahaha

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