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At 16:12 02/05/2001 -0800, Richard Abrego wrote:
>God man where do you get your info from? The "Mobile Suit Gundam for
>Dummies" book? Geeze goto the Gundam Project Message board and alot of
>people will be flaming ya and telling ya the Zaku is far superior to the
>Leo. I bet every U.C. fan including some A.C. fans will disagree with ya.

        I think this has gone far enough. A.C. and U.C. MSes never fought
against each other, so we will never know which is superior. I think we
should leave it at that, since the attacks from both sides are getting too

        FYI -- I dislike Wing, but I have to admit it does have a storyline.
So long I can ignore the words "Gundam" in the series, it's even a fairly
okay series by me.

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