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Mon, 05 Feb 2001 12:55:25 -0500

> how old are you guys? just wondering. some of you seem
> to be older, wiser, and experienced. And some of you
> (esp. Richie Ramos) seem to be so well off that you
> own almost every Gundam kits ever made.

My first Gundam was Zeta, in high school. I was familiar with Robotech and
Star Blazers, and my friend brought over the last four episodes of Zeta.
That was some time in 1986, probably spring, since he was getting tapes of
current TV. I'm 31 now, but I remember wondering why all those dudes were
flying around in chairs <LOL> because of the 360 degree screens.

I used to build some models, but I don't have much time or space anymore,
and i could never keep up with the pace of new releases. If I get the chance
I'll head down to Chinatown with my next paycheck and get me some MS in
Action though! All in all, I'd rather get more books (I have many Gundam
tomes, especially older ones.)

I also have a weakness for video, board, and card games. Too bad the Gundam
War CCG isn't coming to America (although I guess it's not too bad after all
given how lame the gameplay is...)

-scott   \\

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