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Mon, 05 Feb 2001 17:34:06

And while I'm at it, why don't I take apart your "Why Gundam Wing Sucks"
page. The least you could've done was put up some substantial complaints:

The Gundams are nearly invincible.

Except when they get damaged, that is. Right? Or when they are rendered
helpless by holding the colonies hostage. I liked the way Lady Une and
later Treize defeated the Gundams not by superior military force, but by
handicapping their will to fight.

OZ mobile suits are worse then Zaku Is .

Says who? Considering that the Leo at least has a full set of armor, I'd
have to disagree.

Quatre's an idiot. He says hes sorry while he slaughters things.

You would prefer he laugh maniacally? At least he fells remorse for having
to kill.

Wu Fei is a malchauvenist Pig.

And exactly where does this affect the series? Monsha was a bit of a pig
himself, I guess that means Gundam 0083 sucks!

Noin is an airhead. (if only she had killed Wu Fei...)

Ah, yes, the woman who managed to aquire, paint, and modify an entire army
of Turus Mobile Suits for the Sanc Kingdom, under everybody's nose, and
nobody know until they were deployed? Yep, some airhead.

The Wing Gundam Self Destructed. Hiro lived. It was repaired. you cant live
through that explosion, and you cant repair a pile of ash.

Well look at the scene again. Heero was standing on the edge of the open
cockpit of the gundam. He was literally blown out of it. Considering the
force of the explosion, had the cockpit been closed, he would've been pulped
against the forward viewscreen. And he STILL was almost killed by it. He
survives because of three things:

1. He's tough

2. The way the Gundam's self-destruction system works(see below)

3. Act of the Script Gods. Kinda like Amuro, with only the manual in his
lap(and still reading it, mind you), taking out two experienced Zaku II's
his very first time out in the RX-78-2 Gundam. Or does that make MSG(FG)

As for the Gundam itself, It's how the Self-destruction system works. It
only destroys the inner workings of the suit, leaving it a useless hunk of
metal... or gundanium. Not, say, an uncontrolled reactor explosion. Given
the fact that Heero technically wasn't even in the gundam at the time, his
survival is not quite as suprising.

After Death Scythe is shot several times in the head at close range, it
isn't even scratched.

If you'll notice, the claw of the Cancer isn't blown off, either. The pilot
was using low-powered torpedoes, not exactly expecting to find a moving
Gundam down there.

And shouldn't this be part of your first point? Or could you not think of
enough gripes?

The gundams survive Nuclear missiles

When? No nukes were ever fired at all in the *entire series*. In fact,
when the nukes at New Edwards Base were set to self-destruct, Duo and Quatre
were just as worried as everyone else. If you'll remember, Heero shut the
missiles down before they went off.

So now you've sunk low enough to make stuff up, is that it?

And the list goes on...

No, considering the fact that the 2nd to last was taking from a previous
one, and the last was an outright lie, I'd say that the list is pretty much
done here.

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