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> can't be impossible. nothing is impossible.

If anything is possible, then can "oldtypes" (meaning
those who won't become a Newtype), without undergoing
any operation to become enhanced Newtype, use funnels? I
understand you view, in a sense, but in this case, there
are major technology issue that prevent it from being

> same thing: no other MS's needed to have a cf. the MS
> gundam (which is what we should call the RX-78-2. they

You got me wrong - I am not saying corefighter isn't
need - I am saying it's impossible to put a linear seat
into a corefighter. As we have all seen in 003, GP03S
and GP03D does have a linear seat.

> all have diff name : zephyranthes, physalis,
> dendrobium, gerbera, groundtype, EZ-8, G-3, zeta,
> double zeta to name a few. the first Gundam should be
> called MS Gundam...) was the first to have the CF.
> none of the other ones had to have it either. this is
> a nice surprise from Bandai. don't jinx it. and jus
> hope it's sturdy

How in the world can you put a pilot seat, suspended a
few inches (probably a couple of feet) off the ground,
surrounded by monitors, and fit all that into a
corefighter? I like "surprises" as the next guy,
but "following the rules" is one of the main attraction
for Gundam, and I would hate Bandai if they suddenly
decide to change that....

-Edmund Chiu

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