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> > Hey, I'm a "Winger". Well, I'm looking forward to "First Gundam" (Sounds
> > weird). Anyway, how bad can the animation be. Is it kinda like Ronin
> > Warriors or even worse? I don't really care about animation if the story
> > really draws people in. Look at Star Wars, the first time I saw it I was
> > drawn into a whole new world. I didn't care about the crappy lines "I
> > a
> > bad feeling about this" (They've used that in every one so far....) or
> > "outdated" look of the film. It was the story. Plus I want some MG's
> > cheaper! Don't worry if newcomers are walking around with shirts with a
> > lookin' Zaku on it. Tell them where it came from. Why do you think I
> > the GML in the first place. I mean I knew I heard Gundam somewhere else.
> > Asking some of my friends lead me into the depths of anime. If they
> > "superior" I would still be in the dark.
>Why are you on this list if you like gundam wing but have never seen MSG?
Bear with me here, because this is obviously a new concept to you:

Because he wanted to learn more about Gundam in general. Just like I did.
My first Gundam series was Wing(actually, it was Char's counterattack, but I
remember so little of it, it doesn't really count), yet I am now a Gundam
fan in every sense of the word. I have no preferences. U.C., Wing,
G-Gundam, X, Turn A, why should I try to hold one above the others? If one
is better than the others, so be it. I still like them all, and want to see
them all.

This may come as a shock to you, but Gundam Wing did(does) attract
intelligent people, and introduces them to Gundam. When these people learn
that Gundam W is an alternate universe, they want to know more about the
universe that inspired Wing.

you want to protect your "precious" exclusivity! Who cares if a lot of
people are going to start liking Gundam? Is that going to make the entire
Gundam saga suck now? are you going to abandon it now, because it becomes
popular? Why the hell did you become a Gundam fan, anyway?

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