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<<Cool. : ) I just find it somewhat of a shock to realize that we do have

people as young as you. But hey, you're in all probability the next

generation, so I won't complain. When you say you glue your kits, does that

mean you glue them even if they're snap-on?>
Yes,I glue it nomatter what. And I also scratch-build,I heavily modify
kits,you know those old kits from 1980? Well I build those also,I have a 1980
Zaku kit that I am modifying to make it as posable as a HG kit. I am learning
Japanese,if you want to see any of my models(not my best) go to NA and look
under Jegan,WZC,Nataku(in the blue box ont the bottom of the page) and my GM
Command Space Type. I am not the normal 11 year old Gundam fan.

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