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> may be the core fighter never showed up but it was
> always there, and no one really noticed it before. may
> be it's included in the kit as a surprise! here's
> hoping!

  No, it will not. The GP01/GP01 FB is the ONLY Gundam in the GP series to
have a Core Fighter. The Mecha Domain clearly states that the GP03 does not
have a Core Fighter. . . .

"Instead of the costly Core Block System, the cockpit was of the panoramic
monitor / linear seat type"

   Lack of a Core Block System equals lack of a Core Fighter. Unless the MG
kit will have what if parts, a Core Fighter is unlikely. If they do include
a Core Fighter, it's then time to start asking for an MG of the "what if"
Gundam GP04, an MG G Gundam, an MG Leo, etc. :)

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