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can't be impossible. nothing is impossible.

same thing: no other MS's needed to have a cf. the MS
gundam (which is what we should call the RX-78-2. they
all have diff name : zephyranthes, physalis,
dendrobium, gerbera, groundtype, EZ-8, G-3, zeta,
double zeta to name a few. the first Gundam should be
called MS Gundam...) was the first to have the CF.
none of the other ones had to have it either. this is
a nice surprise from Bandai. don't jinx it. and jus
hope it's sturdy
--- wrote:
> > Why could the GP03S not have a core fighter? it
> does
> > seem posible doesn't it? it's really similar to
> the
> Because from what I know, it's simply impossible to
> build a linear seat into a
> corefighter. It's like asking for a fast hard drive
> for a laptop (I know not that many
> people will get this example, but it's the best I
> can think of at the moment...)
> > GP01, which had a core fighter. or maybe not.
> GP02 is in the same series, and it doesn't have a
> corefighter. The "supposed" GP04
> don't have core fighter either, so any MS in the GP
> series don't have to have a
> corefighter...
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> -Edmund Chiu
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