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> > One fear of mine is that I may end up with a lot of
> > kits in my house, to the
> > point where I may have to move out, LOL!
> that shouldn't be too far into the future! :)
> considering you already sleep on the sofa. richie's
> 240+ kits already take up his whole room...:P there
> is just enough space in richie's room to stand in with
> all those kits around.

Hey, I can still dress up in my room...uhm, and I cans till sleep on the
bed, but I can't move around so much because of all the boxes full of spare

All kidding aside, I just need to convert an extra room in our house (which
is now a possibility due to my older sister getting married) into a gundam
exhibit area.

> i swear...richie's room is like a shrine to gundam.
> when you look at all the shelves, table and bed lined
> with endless ranks of gundam kits...well, he isn't
> known as the thousand gundam buddha for nothing.
> -garr

They are not endless ranks...only about 180 out of 240 of them are on
display, due to size constraints and the fact that some of them have been
chopped up for spare parts.

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