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Wow, Z, that really makes me want to go read some old sci-fi mags and see
exactly what things were expected to be around in the yer 2000
technology-wise. Actually, I'm just going to ask you. I know that, as a
kid in the eighties (double blush) I really expected my first car to hover
(and to have fins and rockets).

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> > how old are you guys? just wondering. some of you seem
> > to be older, wiser, and experienced. And some of you
> > (esp. Richie Ramos) seem to be so well off that you
> > own almost every Gundam kits ever made.
> I'll be 50 in September.
> When I was growing up, the year 2000 was the cornerstone of science
> Now, I work with technologies the likes of which no one in the 50s even
> most of it based on the work of ex-hippies who used to regard computers as
> province of the enemy.
> And I'd trade it all for a personal rocket pack and a bubble-house on the
> Moon....
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