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> > how old are you guys? just wondering. some of you seem
> > to be older, wiser, and experienced. And some of you
> > (esp. Richie Ramos) seem to be so well off that you
> > own almost every Gundam kits ever made.

43 in April.

I have always liked anime since I saw my first, forgive this, bootleg tape(s) at a
Creation Star Trek/Sci-Fi in Boston during the 70's. Up to that point it was just
the usual cartoons except for channel 56 which carried Speed Racer, and my personal
favorite the original Jonny Quest.
Since then, AKA over the years, I have acquired various items,
toys/models/books/videos of Anime, Robotech, Macross, ST, SW, Transformers (gen1),
Lost in Space, along with many others and yes some Gundam items, some of which,
actually most of which are still NRFB, Never Removed From Box or were read once and
stored away.
NO desire to part with any!!!!!
I found this list about a year ago and have enjoyed soaking up the Gundam lore and
knowledge that abounds here even tho I do lurk, and just read, 99% of the time.


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