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Franz G Co wrote:

> >confused by
> >the newbies when they make references to shows that came out in >my
> >'off-period', and talk about them as familiarly as they would >Star Wars.
> True, no one these days has an appreciation for these older series. I mean,
> there are some people out there who don't even know about Yamato!!! and
> thats a classic. Much worse, something as recent as Buuble Gum Crisis.

I'm 17, but I tend to be a lot more familiar with older stuff than the more
current generation of anime. Probably because I got started with anime watching
80's OVAs that I had rented from my local Tower Video, back around '95 or so.

To me the grittier stuff like VOTOMs or Bubblegum Crisis is a lot more
interesting than the recent stuff. Go fig.



"Musashi was not afraid to die, but his objective was to win definitively, not just survive, and he was trying to build up the confidence to do so. Let others die heroic deaths, if that suited them. Musashi could settle for nothing less than a heroic victory." - Musashi, Eiji Yoshikawa (1892-1962)

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