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>...and I often find myself in
>the odd situation of being able to confuse newbies by making >references
>to shows they've never heard of before (quick quiz... how many >of you
>have ever seen any of Iczer?), and at the same time being

Have only seen Iczer 3, never saw the first or Iczelion.

>confused by
>the newbies when they make references to shows that came out in >my
>'off-period', and talk about them as familiarly as they would >Star Wars.

True, no one these days has an appreciation for these older series. I mean,
there are some people out there who don't even know about Yamato!!! and
thats a classic. Much worse, something as recent as Buuble Gum Crisis.

>Its a very strange situation to be in, let me tell you.


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