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> At 20.52 04/02/2001 , you wrote:
> >Can Someone give me a review of the MG Full armor
> double Zeta? Is it worth
> >paying for, and are there any major problesm with
> it? I've searched
> >everywhere and have not been able to find a review
> of it.
> >Thanks to all those who answer my questions!
> >
> >Brian"Humans rule, Dolphins can suck it!" Potter
> And, basically, are years i'm wondering about this:
> Getting the Full Armor Double Zeta (FAZZ), do it
> contains also the normal
> ZZ version? Aka, the FAzz without the extra armor
> and armaments?
> The kit box conains both versions of the MS, or just
> one? I picked the lone
> GP01 in Paris, and after someyears when i got the
> GP0Fb I discovered that
> the box had both versions...
> Thanks, Gordan

er, nope. the FAZZ just contains the parts for FAZZ.
you'll be able to do a ZZ if you scrape for parts

as richie puts it -- building the FAZZ is something of
a sadomasochistic session. when you're putting it
together, you start hoping it can do both armored and
unarmored versions...but late into the night, you
suddenly realize you're missing crucial parts for an
authentic vanilla ZZ.

i got the FAZZ. i guess i was suckered into it by the
mighty big gun. :D the gun can actually be
considered as a whole other kit in itself. :P

the thing is perfectly balanced, even with the mega
cannon. it has the poseability of a statue though.

there are parts that are fragile/awkward/uncooperative
where they shouldn't be (armor mountings, the way the
backpack is rigged, shoulder structure).

when you're doing the legs and arms (with all those
internal boosters and stuff crammed into them) make
very sure the fit is 101% perfect. otherwise,
slapping on the armor could be problematic and leave
you with unsightly gaps. millimeters matter, where
the accumulated thickness of the paint (of the
internals, the externals, and then the armor) could
screw up the fit. in retrospect, i shoulda sanded
the parts some to thin them down before painting.

overall, no major problems (in the same way i feel the
sazabi had no major problems). you'll have to work at
some parts, and the huge number of sub-assemblies
could be annoying for those who like to assemble
everything first, putty and sand everything next, and
paint everything afterwards (like me -- i hate
internal frames, actually). you will definitely have
to assemble, sand and paint for every sub-part before
moving on to the next.

hasn't richie done a review of the FAZZ yet?

the fazz was a monster, though it didn't sell well. i
wonder how that bodes for the prospects of an MG EX-S?


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