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... no, piracy is piracy.
It doesn't matter if you download the mp3's for personal use or to sell, the law says its illegal to do so.
Of course, the laws are muddied somewhat in Canada. As the law stands now, I can borrow a CD you have and rip it to mp3's myself and then return the CD and i'm legally entitled to keep the mp3's ... however, it's illegal for you to rip the mp3's and send them to me. Crazy, ne?
Regardless, please keep discussion of piracy off the list.

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Hee's a hint. Sarcasm only works if you're being funny, not if you're trying to excuse a pirating habit. But hey, I'm an old fogie who remembers the days when the only rules on the ML were not to post in HTML and not to discuss pirating. Kids these days...


... k, i laready said im too lazy to use hotmail... and its too slow... so ::sniff:: leave me alone... and pirating is only if u sell the copy

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