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20, here.
I've been in the anime game for a relatively short period of time. Back in
my first year of University I was hooked up with all of Robotech, which I
sat through and enjoyed (don't worry, i've since come to understand the
proper Glory that is Macross ;p). Someone I'd met started suggesting anime
to me, I starting getting stuff and was hooked pretty quick. I'm positive I
failed at least one course in my first year because I spent the week before
finals watching Escaflowne rather than studying. Heh. Whoops.
First Gundam I was exposted to would have been 0083, followed by 0080, Wing,
and X in short order. By the time Wing started airing on Cartoon Network I'd
gone through the first third of Zeta, a handful of ZZ and G, all of 08th,
and CCA. More recently I've been able to see F91 and a little bit o' Turn A.
I've only been modelling for about 6 months now though. I was working for
the summer in a different city, and after getting off work me and my
roommate pretty much just sat on IRC and played Dreamcast games, so I
decided I should do something a bit different. Picked up the Master Grade
NT-1 Alex and I was hooked (As was he). Didn't start painting till I started
back in university when I picked up some SD and 1/144th kits to practice on,
although I learned I greatly preferred 1/144th scale. Shorter term projects
fit better with my schedule =)

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