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Always loved robots and what-not for some unknown reason (Japanese
style, mind you. Robby looks respectable, but most of the stuff I've
seen that's American designed bugs me.). With that in mind, even though
I was in high school, and technically "too old" for things like cartoons
and toy robots, I got hooked on Transformers, Voltron, and Robotech, and
watched them whenever I got the opportunity (which wasn't very often at
the time since my parents weren't too keen on letting their kids veg out
in front of the TV). A guy I knew in school happened to show up one day
with a Z Gundam book (all in Japanese with various pictures from the
series), and I was more or less hooked at that point.
Unfortunately, while I got some exposure to some of the shows at the
time (all raw, of course), I got cut off from all anime for quite a
while. Just within the last two years I've finally been able to get
going again (with a vengeance, of course), and I often find myself in
the odd situation of being able to confuse newbies by making references
to shows they've never heard of before (quick quiz... how many of you
have ever seen any of Iczer?), and at the same time being confused by
the newbies when they make references to shows that came out in my
'off-period', and talk about them as familiarly as they would Star Wars.

Its a very strange situation to be in, let me tell you.


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