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Mon, 5 Feb 2001 07:06:57 +0800

Does anyone know when the story of Silhouette Formula 91 takes place? l know
that the manga states that it is 18-2-0123, but the model manuals of the
SF's model kits series say that the story begins in November of 0122, so
which one is true?
Also, the story in the manga does not exactly follow the one mentioned in
the model manuals, especially at the later part of the story, and l know
that from the B-Media Books Special's The Gundam Chronicles, there is a
serial noval verson of Silhouette Formula 91 in Bandial's "Model News"
managnize(l don't know the English name, just directly translated from
Japanese), which seems to follow the model manuals closer than the comic
verson, for example, in the novel, the RXF-91 is nicknamed "Silhouette G",
there is only one RX-99 in the novel rather tnan two in the comic, and the
ship Ajax and those bad Federal guys do not exist and RXF-91A is mentioned
in the novel. So, can anyone tells me which verson is the "official" one?

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