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I own both of these kits, the ZZ and the FAZZ. From what I can remember you
can't build the ZZ from the FAZZ kit. The legs have extra armour that clips
over the original ZZ legs but the chest and arms are all new parts. The
thruster packs are the same and you can see that when the ZZ was designed
the FAZZ addon parts were accounted for, as there are numerous places on the
ZZ that it looks like something should attach to but there is just nothing
there. The ZZ is well worth it, due to the transformation feature, but the
FAZZ just kind of sits there, almost too bulky to even pose in anything than
just standing. I guess what I am saying is, if you can find the FAZZ for a
decent price, go for it! Otherwise get the ZZ.

Just my 200 Yen.

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> At 20.52 04/02/2001 , you wrote:
> >Can Someone give me a review of the MG Full armor double Zeta? Is it
> >paying for, and are there any major problesm with it? I've searched
> >everywhere and have not been able to find a review of it.
> >Thanks to all those who answer my questions!
> >
> >Brian"Humans rule, Dolphins can suck it!" Potter
> And, basically, are years i'm wondering about this:
> Getting the Full Armor Double Zeta (FAZZ), do it contains also the normal
> ZZ version? Aka, the FAzz without the extra armor and armaments?
> The kit box conains both versions of the MS, or just one? I picked the
> GP01 in Paris, and after someyears when i got the GP0Fb I discovered that
> the box had both versions...
> Thanks, Gordan
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