Gordan Gregov (zaku@nopay.it)
Sun, 04 Feb 2001 22:26:43 +0100

I'm 27. I don't feel young, neither old.
I became a G fan 12 years ago (13 if I count the 2001 year), when my
classmate show me a Hobby Japan with a Kampfer, Alex, and a scratch of
Z-Plus A1 (I guess). Then he talked about the first series, and showed me
his videos (here in Italy we've only the first series traslated, aired 20
years ago... a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy.... for 20
years....) - Exactly like wrote my fellow-counrtyman Alessandro. I see the
original series 20 years ago too, but I was too young, and I liked more
anime like Grendizer, Baldios, Daltanious, Gordian, and other fatty robots.

I own about 50 kits (all Gundams kits except the Griffon Labor, and one of
them is my full scratchbuild of the Gp04G Gundam Gerbera)

Gordan Gregov

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